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Can I make a donation from another country?


I am trying to make a donation on your website, but it's not letting me do more than 500 SEK. How can I make a larger donation? 

Can I donate at all from another country?

Thank you,


Serafin (Uppdaterad )


  • Hello Serafin,

    Thank you for your thoughts of The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation!

    Yes, you can make a donation from another country.
    • When you donate you will see three amount options to donate. But under those three options is a column where you can choose the amount yourself
    • Please note that it is only possible to write the amount in numbers without space and currency (SEK).
    • If you like you can also use our IBAN and SWIFT/BIC:
    Bank: Svenska Handelsbanken
    IBAN: SE 78 6000 0000000111365031

    Hope you found this helpful and let me know if there is something else we can help you with.

    Kind regards,
    (Uppdaterad )

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